Fito Páez Premieres His New Video 'La Ciudad Liberada'

The Third Single and Title of Páez's Acclaimed New Album

Following the album release of La Ciudad Liberada, Fito Paéz releases the music video for its new single"La Ciudad Liberada". A theme that is a pivotal song on Paéz's new album and features powerful lyrics and musical arrangements. 

The video was directed by Joaquín Cambre and starring Eva de Dominici, this video brings his lyrics to life as they deal with survival, ("in the Monteagudo homeless shelter they embrace you with the heart...the street is no place for living, much less for dying"), desire ("living and loving in the liberated city") and passion ("You must love...who's holding you back?"). 

Fito certainly holds nothing back; asking for what's fair and imprinting beauty wherever reality hits hard.

Fito Paez - La Ciudad Liberada


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